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Start Crash on Mod Add via Steam

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

Upon subscribing to a new mod in Steam, the game will start, look for the mod folder (which doesn't exist yet, as Oxygen Not Included hasn't yet acquired the mod from the Steam servers), and then throw an error.

This error is so consistent that one of the most popular mods is one which seeks to acquire updated mods, which in some cases can be used to overcome this bug.


If the client is fully uninstalled and reinstalled, the initial mod pull will correct the issue, but removing and re-downloading over 2GB of files to correct a minor file acquisition error seems like overkill.

Good mod support makes for good replayability, and expands the long-term user-base.



Steps to Reproduce

Install Oxygen Not Included.

Subscribe to mod (happens with perhaps 10% of mods in the steam workshop).

Start Oxygen Not Included.

See start crash for "failed to acquire mod and crashed instead error" (picture included).


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