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Some slicksters not generating grooming tasks

  • Version: Windows Pending

Hi, I have a problem with ranching slicksters (any variant), I think image is self explanatory. Im not sure if this is hapening only for newly delivered slicksters or for any of them randomly. Every 10 cycles there is about 2-3 such bugged slicksters, more if i let them, for every of my 5 stables, so a cant rely on ranching at all. Same problem occured with hatches once. I used to have for them same layout of stable (short and high 8x12).. This is not happening with my hatches on current map, where is different layout of stable. didnt try slicksters this way. But im not sure if stable layout is really relevant.

You can see enabled by automation, it was added later, didnt change anything.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Build stable as i did (8x12)
2. Incubate eggs on their own in separate room.
3. Wrangled (using drop off) and delivered adult slicksters if needed (else they are delivered to butcher room)
4. Wait about 10 cycles.

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User Feedback

Hi. New update. I started new map, created drecko farm and this problem started again. After one grooming, there is no task generated. Only rebuild helps, no reload. In adition, i had debug_enable.txt in game files. After removing it, problem was solved. After adding it again, in a while (20 cycles or so) problem occured again.

But im almost sure there was no debug_enable in case of slicksters

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