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[SOLVED] Game fails to launch

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steam version. fresh install on new pc. game doesn't launch, yet always worked on all other pc's. starting game shows Klei logo, then an error box with absolutely no contents and options report, quit, continue, of which none of them actually work or do anything. as game has never opened sucessfully on this pc there is no oni folder under Klei in appdata, so i included the dxdiag instead.

Steps to Reproduce

open steam, launch game.

User Feedback

Found a fix! don't know if everything here is necessary, but this is what worked.

-Disable all startup items

-Restart PC

-Open Steam as Administrator

-Uninstall Game

-Start downloading ONI

While the download is going on....

-Go to C://Users/(username)/Documents/Klei and look for Oxygen Not Included, open it then go to mods and try to delete all contents, most of them might not work but that seems to be fine

-and rename to "Klei" folder to "KleiOld"

-Wait for download to finish

-Completely relaunch steam (bottom right of screen, right click the steam icon and click exit, then run steam as administrator

-Open ONI

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