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Solid (item) CO2 and O2 not on item list and not transportable.

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When you visit the ice planet with a solid cargo bay you return with solid methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ice.

Solid methane gets listed in 'Consumable Ore', ice gets listed in 'Liquifiable'.  Oxygen and carbon dioxide tooltips both say they are in 'Solid', however there is no 'Solid' category.  This mean they can not be transported anywhere because they do not show up as options in storage compactors, and they do not show up in your inventory list on the right side of the HUD.  

For the record, they have been ejected from the cargo bay so they are "in the game", I have already transported the methane and ice from the same square so they are pathable.

Steps to Reproduce
Send a rocket to ice planet with cargo bay. When rocket returns, eject the cargo. You will notice that frozen methane is added to the inventory list under consumable ore, but solid O2 and CO2 are not added.

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