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Solar Panel Power Generation Not Calculated Correctly In Energy Panel

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In the energy panel (accessed by clicking on any power producer, consumer or conduit), solar panel power production is not calculated correctly. 


I have 18 solar panels generating ~100 watts of power = 1.8kW. However, the power produced panel is showing as 7.64 kW produced. This is because the energy panel does not accurately calculate the contribution of solar panels in real time, instead giving the maximum contribution (which is never achieved on many worlds). 


It took me a long time to figure this out and diagnose the problem. It would be great if you could update this to display correctly, as it is very misleading. Even for someone on their 600th cycle with over 250 hours it took some time to debug the problem (I thought it might have been a battery or transformer bug). 


Many thanks, 




Steps to Reproduce

1. Build Solar Panels

2. Open energy panel

3. Calculate difference

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