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Small but impactful Storage Proximity bug on errands

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tl;dr When dupes accept an errand that requires storage use (either obtaining or delivering), Storage Compactor is selected based on "Closest to Dupe at the moment the errand is accepted" (this can be in a far corner of the map) instead of selected based on "Closest to the errand itself"


I think this is an unintended bug, but basically when a dupe starts an errand, it will choose the storage location for the entire duration of that errand based on the Dupe's initial location, instead of based on the errand's location. This gives some weird errors that waste giant amounts of time. For instance:

- Say I have an Errand in the far East of my base, like farming, which has dedicated storage built next to it with seeds and dirt. If the Dupe is in the center of the map when it decides to do the farming Errand, and I have no farming storage in the center but do have some in the far West that is slightly closer than the Eastern farm, the Dupe will run all the way to the East to get the supplies before running all the way to the West for the Errand. During the entire time, perfectly fine and full storage is sitting right next to the Errand. Prioritizing storage compactors does nothing.

- Say I am working in a far corner of my base, and need to move a storage compactor. I build a new one 3 tiles next to it, and drop the contents of the one to be destroyed. Dupes that get called to this Errand in the center of the map, to sweep the resources, will immediately choose a storage as close to them as possible (so in the center of the map), run to the resources and run back to the center of the map to store it there - instead of just putting it in the container right next  to it.

So the problem is that the storage location is based on the Dupe's initial location and I think it should be the errand location.

Another problem with this is that for some Errands, I want specific resources to be used, for instance temperature wise. When I'm farming Sleet Wheat, farm needs to be cold so I build cold storage right next to it. But then the Dupe brings hot dirt from the center of the base which not only wastes time, but hurts growth as the plants overheat.

At the moment it's practically impossible to do storage management.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Have full compactor away from base 2) Have empty compactor in center of base 3) Build new compactor next to far-away compactor 4) Have dupe destroy full far-away compactor 5) Move dupe to the center of the base 6) Order sweep errand on dropped resources. The dupe will store the resources in the center base instead of the new compactor. or 1) Build farm tile with plant far away on East side of spawn, including compactors full of dirt 2) Build another compactor half the distance but West of spawn, full of dirt 3) Move Dupe to spawn (center) 4) Assign "deliver dirt to farm tile" errand --> Dupe will run West to get dirt, then run east to deliver dirt to farm tile while there is storage right next to the farm tile.

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