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Slicksters Disappear on Load

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My Printing Pod gave me a care package of 3 slickster eggs.  After many turns they grew up into Slicksters and all was well.  I exited, and when I came back to it (autosave), my Slicksters had disappeared.  The oil they exuded is still there.  The Drecklet that grew up into a Drecko (also care package) is still there.  The Wort and other care package seeds are still there.  So it doesn't seem to be a care package issue but rather a Slickster issue.

Steps to Reproduce
Receive a Slickster egg care package. Move the eggs to storage and then empty storage into an enclosed room. Allow Slicksters to grow up (approx 10 cycles or so) and then exit game. Load an autosave.

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