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Sink & Wash Basin game bug has spread through current and older save games!

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First of all, This is a major game bug that has broken all my save game files, old and new.

All wash basins and sinks have completely stopped working! NONE of the Dupes are using the sinks and basins. In one picture, the sink would say both, but the button would say left. Switching through all 3 modes doesnt fix anything. Rebuilding doesnt work.

Whats worse is that all my previous save game files have broken with the same bug. Every save game I load up has the bug. The dupes arent using the basins! My old colony with working toilets have broken just by loading it up.

I have rebooted the game and verified my files and the problem persists.

Ive got 2 more options... 1) Reboot computer. 2) Delete/Move all files and reinstall game.

Ill try Step 1 now.

Steps to Reproduce
Just normally playing and this happened. Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to reproduce this.

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