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Shipping Priorities and Counts Broken

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When using automated egg and meat pickup from ranches, eggs are not being counted correctly when on the conveyor rails.  Six eggs can be on the rails - 3 sage hatchling eggs, and 3 stone hatchling eggs, and the resource list will show 0 hatchling eggs of both types.  Furthermore, incubators will say, 'No Egg Available', and it's random whether or not the autosweeper will actually drop an egg into an open incubator or not.  (I have 3 incubators, and change the type of egg accepted according to what can be seen on the rails.  Conveyor Loader is set to priority 7, accepting eggs in case there are no free incubators; incubators are all set on priority 9.). If the egg is left on the ground, the counters will update, and a Duplicant will come and put the egg into the correct incubator.

Meat is correctly picked up by the autosweeper at the ranches, and sent down the conveyor rail.  However, when it gets to the kitchen, where the next conveyor loader is set to a priority of 7, the refrigerators are set to a priority of 8, and the grill is set to a priority of 9, the meat will be passed to the next conveyor loader, and wind up rotting on the rails because it's never actually recognized as existing.  The sweeper will keep passing it to the loader, instead of putting it away, and it just circles around until it rots.  If the sweep system is set to not pick up meat, meat left on the ground will be correctly picked up by a Duplicant and put in either the grill, if there's room, or the refrigerator.  I have not been monitoring the meat count, so I don't know if the improper counts exist for meat, as well.

Other items seem to be just fine, including other eggs.  Pinch Roe Eggs and Shine Bug Eggs are correctly counted, and loaded into the incubators.  Only hatchling eggs and meat seem to be affected.

This error has only been happening since the latest update.  Everything worked correctly prior to the September 17-18 update.

macOS Big Sur, version 11.5.2

MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

Chip: Apple M1

Memory: 16 GB

Steps to Reproduce

Set up a circular automation system along the central ladder.  Goods are constantly running up one side, and down the other, with branches leading off to the coal generator, the ranches, the kitchen and the incubators. Branches weave up and down floors, meeting up with the central system to continue in the loop.  

Coal, Meat and Eggs are picked up at hatch ranches, where a conveyor loader is set to Priority 7 and carries them to the kitchen.  At the kitchen, set up a grill on Priority 9, two refrigerators on Priority 8, a conveyor receptacle for accepting the goods coming from the ranches, and a conveyor loader set to a 7.  Any meat should be dropped into the grill or refrigerator, while the coal and eggs should be loaded into the conveyor receptacle and carried along to the next stop - the incubators.  At the incubator location, set up 3 incubators.  Set them to all different hatchling eggs, and put them on a Priority 9.  Set up a conveyor receptacle and a conveyor loader accepting coal, meat and eggs on a Priority 7.  Sometimes change the type of hatchling egg accepted by the incubator, as one type of egg becomes available over another.

Hook the end of the automation system back to the beginning, so that goods on the rail circle back around if they weren't off-loaded the first time.  (My system is actually quite complex, passing through a distribution center where solid goods such as stone and fertilizer are offloaded into bins, before the eggs and coal pass through to either route back around, or be sent off to other locations (the coal goes to the generator. This system means that I have a continuous loop of stuff being added, off-loaded, and sent around again in case bins are full on the first pass.  Then when stuff is used, goods are off-loaded into separate bins, or in the case of things like coal, piled into the generator room for use in the coal generators.)

Add things like coal, meat and hatch eggs to the resource list overlay, so that you can monitor their counts.  Also, pay attention to what the incubators say when eggs are on the rail.  (For me they say, "No Egg Available", even if there's an egg on the rails.  This seems to change when the egg is on the ground.)

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