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Not sure if this is a priority issue or not, but loading an old colony into test branch seems to send shine bugs into a frenzy where they relocate allover the place bypassing any blocking mechanisms / water / seemingly solid blocks and eggs seem to hatch even more abnormally after the load.

When viewing the new measuring "ruler" on digging if you stretch beyond about 40 tiles vertically or 80 horizontally you can no longer see the size, I'd recommend placing the number at the cursor when the threshold has been passed so that its visible again.

Carpet tile reads that it retains it's benefit even when other tiles are placed on top of it, which seems to be a miscommunication because it only has a 1 tile radius and placing a tile on top of it removes its benefit.

Crown Moulding - Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request.  It's useless unless you have a 2 tile high corridor, I'm not sure if that one tile range was intended or not? I'd assume making the range at least the 4 tile range so it can be an appropriate ceiling would be effective, maybe add a runspeed -25% so it's not exploited as a floor but used as I would assume it should be on walls and ceilings ? Again not sure if its range was intended that way.

I already seen this issue posted but to further verify temp shift plates do not work at all after loading.

Performance has taken the worst hit yet, I'm sure this is probably because of debugging in the test branch but it is almost unplayable in a 500 cycle colony which is more of a hit than I have seen in previous debug builds while people boast this one should be better. I'm not sure if this is due to it being an existing colony but it doesn't seem to stabilize, and I literally just rebuilt my colony with a very efficient layout and storage system where all materials are stored together in compactors with only the same materials ie compactor only contains sand stone while other contains only granite, with 0 debris on the floor anywhere ( for the first time XD ) so that temperature changes and spaced out material calculations would be at a bare minimum specifically for a later gameplay performance boost.  I may make a new colony and try again later but I just restarted a few days ago so I'm reluctant lol.  Hope this helps.


Steps to Reproduce
Loading an existing colony, have not tested with a new colony.

User Feedback

I will add the recipes do not show up even after a new game, I thought it might be something to do with the way ingredients are "discovered" in game logic but it just seems they are stuck for a different reason or not linked properly.
I will also add starting a new colony the game visually looks better than it ever has and minus debug running everything runs butter smooth and looks smooth on its first cycle even better than it ever has vs previous builds.

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On the shine bug issue, I tried to recreate several times for you but it seems to just be a random freak out, perhaps just because of the conversion of the map.  The performance increased considerably since you disabled the debug in the update. 

I have a rather good computer and a Geforce GTX 1070 so I've been trying to figure out how to improve performance as late game seems to suffer dramatically.  I originally thought it had to do with unrevealed tile's not becoming 'active' until they were revealed and once they were revealed their interaction and temperature fluctuations were then being processed and perhaps all the debris and new active areas were causing the drop.  I tested this theory by making a semi-automatic inventorying system that would place all items in a temperate stable area with only the same item so there would not be lets say 100 different chunks of granite equalizing temperature with 100 other items in a compactor.  I also made sure the floors were clean, although it seems dropped items do not interact with the environment on the same timer as frequently as other items do unless a tempshift plate or metal tile is involved. 

This still did not give me the performance increase I thought it should, so my eyes darted to the massive entanglement of pipes and even though I had optimized their usage already, I simply shut everything off, first on timers then completely.  Still, I could not quite get the jitter to where I wanted. 

I noticed putting in the jet packs could cause some rather unpredictable yet still expected pathing results, so I shut them off and noticed the significant performance increase.  Then I realized the temperature fluctuations and equipment wasn't the issue.  It's all in the A.I. pathing.  And it is.

I already know certain optimizations to the pathing grid have been made such as only updating the grid when a tile changes state (built, solid, ect.) which is why sometimes dupes cannot access clearly accessible area's to build because the grid experiences a blip and isn't updated properly / the task checks it a frame prior to the update. Which this is fixed by simply cancelling the build and rebuilding it or building something arbitrary like a ladder near the grayed out task. 

So as a test I setup doors to restrict the different quadrants of the map based on timers so that they were only accessible during a % of the day.  Then I made those areas accessible routes only accessible from the center of my one vertical shaft (1 ladder 1 pole) base.  Now my cycle 800 runs almost as smooth as my cycle 80 in the development build. I'm sure the designers are aware that most of the performance issues come from that, but maybe not to the extent that it does. 

I will be submitting a resume soon, just graduated with 3 degrees in the field including a game design degree (whatever good that might be lol), and I have not enjoyed a game more than this in quite a while.  Keep up the awesome work and I hope some of that was helpful! 

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