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scrolling materials triggers zoom in/out

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When building something and choosing material, if the cursor is pointing at a pixel between the materials and i scroll with the mouse wheel, scroll doesn't trigger the slider, rather it thinks I'm pointing somewhere randomly on the screen and triggers zoom out/in.

Suggested fix:

  1. Trigger the material scrolling if I'm pointing anywhere in the material choice window. Also making the scrolling speed a little faster might be nice (or scroll 1 material at a time).
  2. If I left-click anywhere in that window and drag with the mouse, select the scroll bar on the bottom for me and start moving it, because currently it's tiny and inconvenient to select it - I might click on the priority boxes instead or on the material box which would open a detailed description of the chosen material.

Here it is in pictures and rectangles - red boxes is where currently scroll is triggered .... green box is where it should trigger ... or at least in the bottom ½ of that window where the mineral selection is located.


Particularly annoying - if I'm pointing between the red boxes and start scrolling the screen zooms out instead.


Steps to Reproduce
select a buildable item and try to scroll the materials using the mouse wheel.

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