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Schedule does not like renamed dupes

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The drop down list of selectable dupes acted oddly after renaming the dupes.  Here's what I did.

Thanks for a great game.



Steps to Reproduce

1. I went to setup schedule, added 2 new schedules.  Disabled alerts on first schedule.  Realized I had no clue who did what job, except the longest name was the researcher who I placed in the second schedule.  I usually put the researcher in the second schedule and the digger and builder in the third at the beginning of the game.  Closed Schedule tab.

2. Renamed the dupes from the vitals menu.

3. Back to the schedule tab, the names were unchanged, but I remembered the blonde dupe was my digger so I put her in schedule 3 where her name changed to the new one.  The same happened for the remaining dupe in the first schedule, but the drop down to select him was the original names, even the blonde renamed dupe was not changed in the drop down.  The second shift dupe's name was unchanged (Toravald?), and when I went to select him in the drop down to see if it changes his name, I got the "Unspecified Schedule" value in all three slots of the drop down.  I am assuming something is not replacing the data on window recall, at a minimum the drop downs, and the dupe lists under each schedule.

It corrects itself on reassignment to a different schedule on the schedule list, but not in the drop down.

The Grimy Pit.sav

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