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Rocket stranded despite having enough fuel

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I launched a rocket with enough fuel and oxidizer for a 20 tiles trip. I sent it 10 tiles out, but when it reached its destination it stranded and the status displays "0 tiles remaining". 

I'm pretty sure I checked the remaining time to the destination several times during the flight, and the rocket had enough fuel and wasn't stranded. 

However, when I reload earlier saves (image attached from cycle 1129), the rocket is stranded, even though the rocket has moved further in the latest save (cycle 1134, which is when I noticed the issue).


Image from a RELOAD of cycle 1129. The rocket is stranded. 



Image from the latest save at cycle 1135, when I noticed the issue. The rocket has reached its destination but is still stranded. 



I have tried selecting the home planetoid as a destination to see if it's just an issue displaying the remaining fuel, however the rocket is not moving after several cycles.  

(I have also disabled all mods, the issue remains) 



Steps to Reproduce

Build a rocket with enough fuel and oxidizer for a 20 tiles trip (2x large petroleum engine + 4x small solid oxidizer tank) 

Launch a trip to a destination 10 tiles away

Wait for the rocket to reach its destination - now it should say "stranded" 



User Feedback

Same bug for me. Petroleum engine. The fertilizer from 2 of the 4 small tanks were ignored, so it launched saying 20 range and got stranded at 10 tiles away.

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