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Rocket passes through a closed Bunker Door without destroying it

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

While testing the new rockets i forgot about the return time of my rocket and it landed through a closed bunker door without any interaction at all. So I did some further testing and those are the results:

If you launch a fresh build rocket it will destroy closed bunker doors

If you return a rocket it will NOT destroy closed bunker doors

Afterwards it will always passes the closed bunker doors without destruction; the launch animation will most likely not be played (the first time I tried this it was played, afterwards never again; the rocket just vanishes.)

If you reaload the game this bug will be stable and will not disapear.

If you deconstruct parts of the rocket to unload it, it will afterwards destroy the bunker door as if it was first launched.

I encountered this bug in normal survival play, but im pretty sure it is reproducible in sandbox too. In case it helps I'll attach my savegame.

The Rustic Spacestation.sav

Steps to Reproduce
- build a Rocket - launch it normally (bunker doors open) - let it return without opening the bunker doors - launch it again without opening the bunker doors

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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