resources can't be use (granite, igneous) in second asteroid

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Resources(raw minerals) can't be use for building anything such as ladder, etc. but i can see in the resource panel granite is still 14.1t in reserved. probably because i use storage bin to auto pickup raw mineral?

my first asteroid is just fine no issue. only in my second asteroid that havin  g this issue.

can help me how to solve this as my second asteroid is running out of raw mineral to build.



Steps to Reproduce

1. Build storage bin and set granite to be auto collected with prior 9

2. Dupes auto store it

3. I command to build a ladder but granite is not available

4. I check in resource panel and granite still 14.1t in reserved but with 0 available.

User Feedback


Having similar issue.  Used teleport to send materials to 2nd asteroid.  Resource panel shows 21 t but zero available with only one ladder section built.

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