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Resources available, but impossible to use

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I have 400+ kg of refined metal (lead), but It's impossible to use it for buildings like Robo-Miner. Some of those lead already used in now disassembled Robo-Miner. I've attached the save file, lead is located at top of the map, in cold biome nearby Storage Bin



Another issue on that map is impossible to build ladder (take a look at second lowest section of the same ladder as in the picture).

Подтекающая Космическая 44 Cycle 45.sav

Steps to Reproduce

I cannot say exactly, but there is no lead accessible on that map, so I transferred some lead from second asteroid and build a Robo-Miner. After disassembly, this lead are impossible to use. 

I've tried to restart the game, but problems is not solved. Because of this I cannot have long Player.log file, but I've included previous, hope it can help you to understand what's happening.

User Feedback

I have the same issue. I cant use any older resource. New ones are ok but, for example, stored carbon I cant use. Or to plant old seeds. I dont understand. Thats horrible.

Please HELP. ITS A BIG BUG!!!!!




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