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Receiving Treatment ending result in game freezing

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Preconditions for extreme game lag may include a very large save game.  The game with mods where I discovered this takes up ~16-24GB of memory.  When attempted without mods on a toy simulation I did see the repeating text and a brief lag, but it did not cause severe lag.

Actual Result:

The 'Status' -> 'Status' dialog fills with:

  1. Receiving Treatment
  2. Runaway Patient
  3. Triage Cot Rest

repeating, apparently forever.  The game freezes while this is displayed, seemingly on the way to crashing.  After an extended duration the game recovers and 'Triage Cot Rest' does appear.  However, after that, all clicks are sluggish, indicating some sort of UI-related memory has been filled with garbage.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Dupe is injured and added to a Triage Cot.
  2. Dupe is treated by a doctor and receives the 'Receiving Treatment' buff.
  3. Mouse-over 'Receiving Treatment' in the dupe's 'Status' -> 'Status' and wait for it to reach and pass 0.

Expected Result:

Buff switches to 'Triage Cot Rest'.

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