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Rebinding keys leads to black map screen

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Hello guys,

Since i've an azerty keyboard, I've rebind the four keys to move the map (Z for UP, S sor DOWN, Q for LEFT and D for right).

The map goes dark and moving buttons doesn't seem to have an effect anymore.

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Steps to Reproduce
Just rebind keys like in the third picture and the bug will arise.

User Feedback

As I've also have an AZERTY keyboard. I went straight into the options to rebind my keys and had the same issue. It looks as if the game loads as it shows the printer but then pans to the border of the map and stays there.

Uninstalled the game, removed the left over folders and reinstalled without touching the keybindings makes the game work normal agian.


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