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Radiation can pass through block with Radiation Blocking of 100%

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

When I try to block the radiation from the radiant lamp by using supermassive block(like 10t Lead / Radiation Blocking of 100%), the radiation will be released again every pass 2 blocks. ( Radiation.png )

  • This also happens to Wheezewort.
  • supermassive block also include high pressure liquids.

When I using default block(like 2t Lead / Radiation Blocking of 85%), the radiation works normally.( Radiation2.png )



Steps to Reproduce

1.Build a radiant lamp.

2.Create a row of 10t blocks using the sandbox tool(Radiation Blocking of 100%)

3.Open Radiation Overlay that you can see Radiation passes through the block indirectly.

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