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Pufts get constantly stuck 'expelling waste'

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My pufts seem to constantly get stuck.  Before I put them in stables, one just seemed to freeze in a single spot, constantly in a state of 'expelling waste' for 10-20 cycles.  I reloaded the game, and after a few attempts he broke free, dropped his slime and moved on.  

Having got them in a 3x2 grid of stables now, with autoclosing doors, to provide floor for the egg/grooming stations, for 110 seconds out of every 120, I noticed after a while, all my pufts would be confined in the doors, even if I hold them open.  

If I save the game with the timer set, to open all the doors, then load a different save game, and reload this one (simply reloading doesn't seem to work), I might free 60% of the pufts, but I would have to repeat this 3 times to free all of them.  


Steps to Reproduce

Create puft stables as above, with Mechanised doors, replacing the floor under the Incubator/Grooming station.  connect all doors to the timer, and set the timer to open and close (in my case open for 10 seconds closed for 120, but I suspect 10/10 would work for testing).  


Run the game for a while.  Eventually, if you watch the stable, a puft will be stuf on 'expelling waste', in the doors.  Any puft that gets stuck in the doors, won't break free, even when they open.  


It may be, that simply leaving a wild puft over a long enough period of time, it will eventually get stuck.  

Player.log Suave Supernova304 Cycle 306.sav

User Feedback

I should add, if not obvious, this is running on Spaced Out (I played the original version extensively, and never noticed this problem)

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