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Puft atmo-suit blueprint appears but can't be claimed, just cancelled?

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

I've opened an old save during Klei Fest. The warning about space buildings changing has shown up.

I then see there's a new blueprint available. It reveals as the Puft styled atmo suit.

There's then no button to claim it... I can hit the 'X' or Esc to go back, and the blueprint button remains blue. I can click and reveal it repeatedly, but it never appears in my wardrobe.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Load game.
  • click blue blueprint button
  • reveal print
  • see that there's no option to accept

User Feedback

After closing the game and coming back later, it looks like it was successfully claimed. It shows in my wardrobe and the blueprints button is greyed out.

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