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Printing Pod won't make New Duplicates once the colony is lost, despite it saying it can

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During a long and arduous "pre-emptive" mass suicide, the printing pod became available. Once it was available, it could create new duplicates as it always could. After the colony was lost (and I received the notification), the light in the printing pod shut off, but the pod description still claimed to be able to print new duplicates


Steps to Reproduce
1)Cause a colony loss to occur while your duplicates are not performing any kind of action you direct them to do (In this case, a majority of my duplicates stood in their barracks suffocating and starving to death, at one point contracting food poisoning). - Make sure the printing pod is available while this occurs. 2) Inspect the printing pod (Im not entirely sure if this is necessary, but this is just what I did) 3) Simple view the printing pod after that (click it to see the description). At this point, it should say that "New Duplicates are Available" despite the light being off and the ability to choose them unavailable.

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