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[Preview] Omnipresent orange belt regardless of clothing

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On the main menu, duplicants will wear their orange belt regardless of their get-up.



Ingame, the preview for clothing i believe, seems to rely on the model duplicant for whether or not the belt will exist.

Pictured: hassan has a belt on the left. Which makes the classic cummerbund/red snazzy suit, along with others, have an orange belt. On the right, hassan wears an outfit that does not contain a belt. which means outfits that don't contain the belt look normal.

Log included.

Steps to Reproduce

1. start the game.

2. witness the main menu duplicant's terrible dress code violations.

3. open a colony. locate the model duplicant.

4. open the menu for the primo garb manufacturer.

5. witness how every outfit contains a belt.

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