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Power Shutoff/Overload Glitch

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While playing I used the Power Shutoff to make a machine that would allow power to go to a smart battery while shutting down the output. (Basically a makeshift power transformer.) I did this because even when the two sets of circuits are separated using the power transformer, the game believes that they are connected. So two lines that wouldn't overload a conductive wire now combine for some reason and do overload the wire. I don't know if this is intentional or not I just wanted to put it out there. Sorry if this is an game mechanic! 

Steps to Reproduce

Have two different power grids

Send one grids energy through a power transformer into a smart battery

Set the smart battery so that when it reaches full it shuts off the first grids transformers (Via their automation or a power shutoff)

While shutting down those transformers, activate other transformers connected to the other grid

The first grids line will then overload if the power on both the grids are too high for the wire245190444_Annotation2020-08-28001448.thumb.png.57344c5209795946290a82768072cd14.png


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