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Possible worldgen slimelung generation bug

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I do not know if this is actually a bug or intended change in worldgen. I am returning player and have not played for a while.

In my world generated on preview branch (seed: 952625733, normal survival settings) i have found large amounts of coal and igneous rock contaminated with slimelung. It is natural slimelung that was present since day 1. I have never seen that before (slimelung was exclusive to slime before) so i suspect it might be a bug?

2018-11-30 23_28_03-Oxygen Not Included.png

2018-11-30 23_28_47-Oxygen Not Included.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start a new game with seed 952625733, normal survival settings 2. Reveal the map one screen to the right of starting area 3. Observe suspicious coal and igneous rock infested with slimelung

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