Polluted Water Appears in Petroleum Tub w/ Splash

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Built a metal refinery. Attempted to use a Liquid Bridge to fill the refinery with Petroleum without using a building a Petroleum pit. The bridge was left attached and 2 batches of metal were created before getting an error indication of the petroleum loop was over filled. A 2X3 tub of solid tiles was built along with a Liquid Pump and a Liquid Vent, then filled the pit with 2300 kg of petroleum. Ran my next few batches of metal (Steel 5 times). About the 2nd or 3rd batch of Steel, there was a big splash/overflow in the petrol pit, no movement notice except the liquid running over the pit walls, ie., nothing was noticed falling into the pit at the same time. The color of the liquid did not change but there was both Polluted Water (100 kg) and about 900? kg of petrol in the pit. Ran another batch of Steel and found 90 kg of PW in the Refinery with 10 kg (or maybe 110 kg) of PW in the pit. Ran 2 more batches of Steel, each time the PW increased by 90 kg nd the Petrol was reduced by 90 kg in the Refinery .

Nap Time Over.png

Nap Time Over.sav

Steps to Reproduce

See "Issue Description" above for details of what was done as best as I can remember.

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