Polluted Oxygen being emitted on VERY high pressure environment

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I created this huge Power plant with coal plants and petroleum generators, I isolated the plant from getting other gasses except for carbon dioxide, the issue I am having is that even though I have over 18 kilograms of carbon dioxide surrounding the polluted water emited by the generators, shouldnt this stop the water from emiting polluted oxygen as it needs LESS tha n 1400 grams of pressure? or something like that?

Carbon dioxide pressure.png

Emitted polluted oxygen.png

Steps to Reproduce

I have a room full of machines with carbon dioxide pressure over 3 kilos from the coal plants only, then turn on the petroleum generator, when a small pump detects the polluted water released by the generator the mini pump absorbs the polluted water and I think THEN on that moment the polluted oxygen is emited.




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