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Pilot left capsule while in space, appearing back on planetoid

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I was in the process of moving a rocket pad. I sent up a pilot into orbit, destroyed the rocket pad and rebuilt it above and to the left of the previous location (an offset of maybe {-4, +4}). As I started building tiles and ladders around it, the pilot in orbit suddenly appeared out of thin air (or vacuum in this case) and went to the bathroom on the planetoid. The ship was now in orbit without a pilot.

I believe the ladders I built reached the location where the old capsule was before launching (on the destroyed rocket pad).


PS: Yes I know how the teleporters work, I just think the game is way more fun without them so I'm trying to ship the oil :)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Build a rocket pad

2. Build a rocket with the following, top to bottom:

solo capsule, solar panel, solar panel, liquid cargo tank, small oxidizier tank, sugar engine

3. Send up a pilot into orbit

4. Destroy the rocket pad and rebuild it above and to the left (-4, +4)

5. Build tiles and ladders to reach the new pad. See save file for precise placement.

Expected results: No magic tricks from the pilot

Actual results: Pilot appeared out of the vacuum!


Player.logPlayer-prev.logDrillconia II Disembark Bug.sav

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