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Petroleum generator will only take one comb. Liquid at a time

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Petroleum generator will only take one type of combustible liquid at a time, throughout its entire life.  If a generator is fed petrol, and then ethanol, there will be trace amounts of unburnt petrol in the generators storage preventing ethanol from being burnt

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build Petrol Generator
  2. Feed it petrol
  3. Stop the petrol
  4. Feed it ethanol

Watch it do nothing

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User Feedback

Log is zipped, because I kept getting an error (-200) when I tried to upload unzip.  Change extension from txt to zip to extract.  Log file also has numerous hundreds of duplicate lines removed to get it under the 2mb limit, which turned out to be in vain since I wasn't able to upload it without zipping. I was unable to upload the save file, as it violates the 2mb limit.

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Yep, this is the exact issue.  With no way to empty it you have to destroy and rebuild the building every time you change fuels.

Personally, I'd rather the building take the combined fuel mass in storage  when it checks to see if it can produce energy, and then it deducts the mass first from the smallest amount in storage.  This would allow the building to run on a combined ethanol/petrol line without issue.

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