Oxylite Delivery to Rockets

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When a rocket is on a mission, dupes will deliver oxylite to the solid oxidizer tank (which is currently in space). The oxylite immediately gets ejected and offgases, wasting oxylite.

Also, when a rocket returns from space the dupes fail to deliver oxylite to the solid fuel thruster unless it is destroyed and rebuilt.

Steps to Reproduce
For the first issue: Launch a petroleum engine into space with a solid oxidizer tank and allow the gantry to be extended. I am not sure if other types of engines experience this as I have no had an opportunity to use them yet. I will update if applicable. For the second issue: Launch a steam rocket with a solid fuel thruster above it and have it return, with a gantry extended. Priority can be as high as yellow and dupes will not deliver more oxylite. Destroy and rebuild the thruster and they will begin delivering again as normal.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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