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Overlay printing pod options issue

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When you go into the printing pod screen when it offers you the choices of what you want to print, if one of the items is the Arbhor Seed(Arbhor acorn? Abor Seed? I don't remember what exactly it's called), if you bring up another screen before you choose something, the image of the seed will take priority and stay on the top of the overlay (I only did this with the priorities tab. Not sure if the bug exists with other ones). The seed was my second option in the print options screen in this specific case and my other three options were people. I apologize, I didn't think to take a screenshot when it happened.


Edit- Since I've posted this I've tried other items and other menus. It seems to do it when any item is presented as an option to print and over any other tab (Skills, Priorities, Etc).

Steps to Reproduce

Get option to print arbhor seed ----> bring up priorities tab before choosing any of the printing pod options

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