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Overlay Drawing Issue

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Pending

Hi, I've been trying out SpacedOut on an M1 macbook air and it's been going great aside from a bug where after playing a while, various overlays including the dig and mop errand icons get stuck in one place onscreen. No matter how I move or zoom the map, they stay in the same spot until a dupe comes along and takes care of the task. The gas overlay and I think a few others also stop working at all. Restarting fixes it for between a half hour and 3 hours. Next time it happens, I'll get a screenshot, let me know if there's any more information I should provide.

There's also a serious lag spike when pulling up the research screen but I can't tell if this bug happens after pulling it up or at random.

Spacefaring Rock.png

Player.log Spacefaring Rock.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Play for a few hours on apple silicon then pull up the gas overlay

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