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ONI - Tubular Upgrade - Causing a Computer Hard Restart

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Hi devs and forum goers! I've been having a lot of fun with ONI. I'm a relatively recent buyer, with only about 40 hours in. As of this last upgrade, I've been having a frustrating problem. I can start the game and begin playing, but I get random computer restarts. No error messages, just a restart, as if I'd pressed the button myself. It's only started to happen after the Tubular upgrade. 

At first, I thought it was my computer, so I've been running defrags, checkdisks and memtests. My temperature monitor says my computer is hunky dory. I've tested other games and I can't repeat the crash. So far it seems isolated to ONI. 

Unfortunately it's a little bit hard to get diagnostics when it suddenly restarts, but as far as I know I haven't had any really large temperature spikes, or memory spikes. I guess it could be just seconds before it crashes, but it's a little hard to tell, haha. Maybe I just need to hone my reflexes!

Anyway, I'd really like to play more, so if you could let me know what I can do, or check on things at your end, that would be great. Let me know if you need more details and I will do my best to get you them.


Steps to Reproduce
Start game, play. Crash. Sometimes it happens when I create a new game, but its not restricted to that. The last time it happened was when I was trying to explain my electrolyzer system to my sister.

User Feedback


I was finally able to reproduce the bug in another game. I ended up trying a new game and when I moved to change the resolution, I encountered the restart. I had the latest graphic drivers and had updated them when I started to get the restarts.

I tried doing a clean install instead of an update (isn't it fun messing with graphics drivers >.>) and that fixed my changing resolution issues but I'm still getting restarts in other games. So I guess since this isn't you, you can delete this post! I'll have to do more troubleshooting on my own.

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