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On load, researcher stops researching because it thinks the research building does not have power

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

On load: image.png.3cba638f64826f35c90273c3a47e911c.png
Shortly after: image.png.b7ffbf2e1ae18390e3f9c18b154f0d8d.png
After performing another task, the researcher will then return to the research building.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Save game with following conditions:

  • Dupe is in the middle of a research task and is facing the research station
  • Batteries have at least partial power

2. Exit program.

3. Load game

  • Note that batteries appear empty, and all powered buildings have the red plug icon below them
  • Note that researcher no longer faces the research station

4. Resume game

  • Batteries will return to their previous level, red plug icons disappear
  • Researcher will perform another task before returning to the research station

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