Oil well releasing Bug

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This is my crude oil factory. When there are too many crude oil reserves, I will cut off the water supply to stop the oil well, and restore it when the crude oil is too low. Usually this works well, but occasionally, when the water is cut off after the oil well is overpressured, and the Duplicant go to release the pressure. Because there is no water, oil well does not actually release gas, but the Duplicant keep his releasing and stay there forever until the water come.

I know there are two other ways to stop the oil well: cut off the power and send automation red signal. Tried all, still the same problem. I think this is a Bug. The reasonable suggestion is: Duplicant do not response releasing job when oil well stop working, or he can actually release gas when oil well stop working.

Game Build: CS-449460-D   no DLC


2021-02-12 12_23_42-Greenshot.png

2021-02-12 12_26_08-Greenshot.png

2021-02-12 12_26_51-Greenshot.png

Steps to Reproduce

First let an oil well overpressure. Then send automation red signal to it before Duplicant walk to there to release pressure. You will find this Bug.

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