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Oil Well boils water instead of consuming it

Lawnmower Man
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My Oil Well is 116 C and submerged in crude because of the location of my Oil Reservoir.  I'm sending water to it at 98.7 C to delete heat.  All goes well except that now as the water packet goes into the well, it vaporizes into steam and bubbles away without pumping any oil.  Not sure if this is intended or not.

I guess the well is like a liquid reservoir, but one that's not insulated like all of the others.  Would be nice if I could send hot water to the well without it boiling away.  Or perhaps it is insulated, but the internal temperature is now 116, leading to the vaporization.

Steps to Reproduce
Build an Oil Well. Increase the temperature of the well to over 100 C for many cycles (e.g., by submerging it in hot crude). Input water close to boiling. Instead of pumping oil, the water should vaporize into steam, exiting the well without pumping.

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