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Nuclear Waste Duplication

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hello, since i started with nuclear i have collected all nuclear waste into a four tile tank, i build a pump inside in case in the future i wanted to get rid of nuclear waste, but i reached about 12000 radbolts/cycle, since then i have started pumping the Nuclear Waste for space vacuum, the four tile tank and nuclear waste from reactors as well, but for some unknown reason the 4 tile tank keeps increasing the amount of nuclear waste and the radbolts are in 18722/cycle, right in the middle of the tank is 227000 I stopped filling the tank many cycles ago and it only increases the amount of Nuclear Waste and Radbolts

Why does the amount of Nuclear Waste keep rising?





Steps to Reproduce

Build a tank like in the picture with pump, fill with nuclear waste with high values (2.1m kg/tile when I started to pump out, current it's 6m kg in 1 tile and 3.5m kg the others 3 tiles) and try pump out

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