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New Old Bug Unknown Tile

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First time with bug after hundreds of hours of playing to cycle 100-140 then starting new base ^^;

I can't fix this bugged tile in sandbox mode. After googling I saw a post that this was fixed. Basically "uknown tile" answers to no one.

Linux mint latest version, please let me know if you need any additional info.

Screenshot from 2021-10-15 18-29-29.png


Steps to Reproduce

I started a new colony and dug upward and encountered a tile that I couldn't interact with.

User Feedback

Try demolishing the gravitas building next to it. Destroy every tile there and it may light up. This happened in my game and that was the 'fix'.

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Unfortunately this didn't resolve it. Kinda sad it didn't but also a little relieved because I've got LOTS of work to do QQ



Screenshot from 2021-10-16 13-17-25.png

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