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New Duplicant died instantly

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I created a "No Sweat"-custom game with all the options set to maximum so I don't have to worry about stress, eating etc. In the 12th cycle I got my 5th duplicant who died instantly after spawning. Attached you find a snapshot right after the bug occured.

Rowan died.png

Steps to Reproduce
Create a "No Sweat"-custom game with all options set to the max right (so duplicant don't get stressed, sick, hungry) and leave the box for sandbox-mode blank. On adding new duplicants after a few cycles the bug occured.

User Feedback

This is happening to me too. All settings the same as submitter. It's happened twice now with a new game, once around cycle 30-ish and now again at 65. Both times the duplicant printed and died instantly. I am renaming them (to append cycle # to their name), if that info helps.

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Had the same thing happen. Also a No Sweat game. Duplicant died of starvation as soon as he was printed. We have plenty of food but the game is set to "Oxygenarians." Game says he is well fed. He had Bottomless Stomach, Diver's Lungs and Binge Eater traits.

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