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MinionStorage deleting any Health Damage & Sickness

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As soon as a duplicant gets serialized in a minion storage, any information of health state or sicknesses get deleted.

On Deserialisation the dupe will be at full (=100) hp regardless of previous value, any active sickness they had before will be gone

(effects from low health like "{} wounds" are still there, even at 100hp)

Steps to Reproduce

make a duplicant sick (put him in cold water f.e. for frostbite); apply some health damage (shoot him with radbolts / bathe in very hot liquid)

put dupe into minion storage:

   Spaced Out: deploy a lander

   base game: let the dupe enter a sightseeing module/rocket command module

remove the dupe from the storage -> health will be at 100 again, sickness will be gone

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