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memory leak when reloading games

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After a marathon session of game playing recently, I realized my whole system performance was terrible.  Seeing that my computer was now using copious amounts of disk swap space, I decided to run a clean test.  I loaded a game, waited for it to load completely, then loaded the same game again.  Results below.

Steps to Reproduce

GB memory used by computer, game state:

 2.8, not running, before launching the game from Steam
 4.2, main menu
 7.5, game load 1
 8.5, game load 2
 9.5, game load 3
10.5, game load 4
11.5, game load 5
12.5, game load 6
13.5, game load 7
14.4, game load 8
15.2, game load 9
16.3, game load 10
17.2, game load 11
16.9, main menu
 2.8, not running, after exiting the game

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