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Massive stutters on latest clients upon creating new maps (figured out a work around)

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For anyone reading this, skim over these 2 bug reports.


So now that you know the issue, this is in fact an issue as I have now tested it on 2 machines.

My gaming machine before that I just gamed on for the last 5 years was an i7 6700k rig, 16gb ram, nvme etc.
I just upgraded last week to a Ryzen 3700x etc.

I decided today to see if the stutters occurred on this processor as well. It does it just as bad and the same as the i7 6700k did.

So I started to dig around for a bit and mess with settings, vsync, etc. Finally I figured out a work around for the issue. The issue shows up for me at FPS higher then 144hz. If I limit the game to 144fps via RiviaTuner or Nvidia's newly built in limiter, it works flawless. I sit a solid and smooth frame time 6.9ms. You can also drop your 240hz monitor in windows to 144hz and play it that way.

On a side note, I would just change it in the options>graphics>display to 1920x1080 @ 144hz but this function doesn't do anything at all. It seems to rely solely on windows 10 settings.

So hopefully, this can be fixed. I'm happy with playing at 144hz, but this issue only popped up about 4 or 5 updates ago. If i build an older version of the game via steamDB and make new worlds there, it runs flawless at 240fps/hz. I can even take that save that I saved from the older client, launch it on the newer client, and it runs smooth as silk from the old save. If I make a new save on the new client and go backwards, it runs like crap again. So it's definitely something the client is doing to the map upon creation.

Hope this can be fixed!

Steps to Reproduce

Make a new map on any of the newer clients with a monitor above 144hz and you will have the issue. Tested on several different machines.

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