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Massive Overheat

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Hi guys, Just restarted after the patch due to suddenly over heats and though tI had made mistakes.

But updated the game an hour or so ago the patch was like 8 meg or something, not even sure what it was for. 

Bug Details.

-Started new game and made a small batteries. - 3 cycles later it over heated. (gave it allot more room and it still over heats)

-I only made 3 bars of mush before the maker over heated, (remade the maker gave it 4x8 in both directions and it still over heated)

- Made a super computer, i made less than 3 techs before it overheated. 


I'm sure there is allot more to this overheating thing, but I can't get that far into the game to test. 


Game is currently Utterly unplayable!


Hope this helps, 




Resolved, Re-installed. No idea what happened. Fixed now though. 

Steps to Reproduce
Start game - EVERYTHING that makes heat, overheats.
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