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Manufactured ore disappearing

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Got a new one, I have a base at cycle 487, have been making steel a while, now when I create iron ore with the metal mill or rock crusher, the iron drops to the ground, the dupe picks it up, and it disappears - nothing in the resource list, nothing on the ground, and the dupe doesn't deliver it anywhere. 

Gonna bail on this map as you can't get anywhere if you can't make steel. Just reporting in! 

Steps to Reproduce

Try to make iron from iron ore, the dupes go through the process on the rock crusher and mill, and the icon for it drops, the dupe is shown taking it - and it disappears. 

User Feedback

When you add a resource to the quick-list you can click it to get to the next place where it is, even when 0kg are shown. Did you try that?

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