Manual Generator - multi-dupe glitch

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In my most recent game, sometimes more than one Duplicant will operate a Manual Generator simultaneously.  It's likely worth noting that I've only ever seen this occur with the Manual Generator that's been attached to an Automation Grid.  While the image I've attached has two Dupes stacked on the generator at present, I have seen up to four Dupes at once!


Also, sometimes one of the Dupes will 'lock' onto the generator and glitch out, stuck in the role and frozen without any Power being produced.  Fortunately, I can just use a "Move To" command to get 'em off and working again when this occurs.

Steps to Reproduce
Attach a Manual Generator to an Automation Grid with a Smart Battery and something that draws Power. Wait a while for Dupes to use it, and it should eventually occur.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Hi everybody,


I have the same glitch on my current game. i tryed to created an other colony in the same game and they run power with manual generator and they stack all the time.

My game is in french but we can see Catalina and Max operating the same manual generator. I can send my save if you need it. I use the Move To command too to manually unlock them.

By the way, thanks a lot for that game, that i really like a lot. I'm curious to see the first release. Good joob.

glitch stack.png

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