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Machinery Issues

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I have two things that are bugging me. The first is the Hydrogen Generator, which will have a stored amount of hydrogen and still not generate power. This is probably known, but it's really bugging me.

The second is the Distillers. I don't know if it's a bug, or I'm not looking at the right time, or what, but I swear that no matter how much slime goes in and bad water comes out, no algae comes from the machine, or it's such a tiny amount that I can't see it.

I'm new to the game, but if these two things were fixed, I could do so much more exploring without worrying everyone was about to fall over dead.

Steps to Reproduce
Running a hydrogen generator above an electrolyzer, with a filter pump to put hydrogen in the generator and oxygen in another room. As for the distiller... literally every time I've used it.

User Feedback

I would like to backup isupposeiexist by also saying that I am having this issue too, for the hydrogen generator, to hopefully get the attention of developers, .

The hydrogen would be put into the hydrogen generator, do a little animation, and add a little to the bar but it will not add any power.

After my batteries go out and my coal generator empties the hydrogen generator shows that it has energy (with the bar being filled 3/4) and power goes out showing that it is not producing any energy.

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