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Load running off non-discharging batteries for >30 cycles

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The issue is that the space heater was disconnected from the batteries despite the information page indicating that they were connected and was powered and over time slowly heated up. Additionally, the batteries remained at 40 kJ. Both of these things occurred while on an uninterrupted save for a long time. I'm not sure how long, exactly, but it probably doesn't matter. It was at least the time for a geyser to go dormant and become active again.

The fault cleared when the game was reset.

New Bitmap Image (8).bmp

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Chaotic Paradise.sav

Steps to Reproduce
It wasn't clear to me when this happened because I didn't look at the area for a long time. However, the intended set-up was to test the smelter in series with a space heater, two jumbo batteries, and the power generator using 20 kW cabling. Unrelated, I wanted to see the effectiveness of running water through the ice. While there was partial construction on the pipes and cabling they vomited everywhere so I refocused the duplicants  and cancelled the project. The batteries were previously connected to a manual generator to charge them with wires and deconstructed once I realized the smelter's power requirements.

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