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Liquid meter releases a few extra milligrams on a 400kg limit.

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I have a liquid meter hooked up to a petroleum line set up so that my interplanetary launcher receives a specific payload size, so that no material is leftover to mess up subsequent launches. But the damn meter keeps letting a few extra drops through somehow (15.3mg ish, most recently)-- too little to solve mathematically since the meter can only limit down to individual grams (0.001kg) per run. Currently, the only solution is to either flood the launcher (completely filling the launcher's inventory, which has a nice round maximum), demolishing/draining the pipes, launching the entire stored contents, and then reconnecting it, or demolishing the launcher (dropping its inventory onto the ground and sacrificing any stored radbolts) and rebuilding that instead. In both cases, a colossal waste of effort for a bug that should never have occurred to start with.

I have no idea why this happens. I have reset the meter several times and the problem occurs intermittently (only on some uses of the meter). I imagine it is a weird rounding problem, but whatever it is, it is ruining my logistics, along with my patience. q_q

If the metering problem cannot be solved, adding an "Empty Storage" button to the launcher would also "solve" this problem.

Thank you for looking into it!


// EDIT: It is almost always 15.3mg extra, if that helps.

// EDIT 2: If I set it to 300 or 500kg, it seems to happen much less often (roughly 40% of the time at 400kg versus 0% in ten runs at 300kg and two runs at 500kg).

Steps to Reproduce

Hook up a liquid meter to an active pipe. Connect the meter to an empty Interplanetary Payload Launcher. Set the meter to a multiple of the IPL's "Minimum Launch Mass" and let it run until the meter reaches its limit. Launch the entire inventory from the Launcher. Agonize over the crumbs leftover that will ruin future launches. It may take a few runs.

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