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levitating atmo suit

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My Prisoner 029 dug everything around him and was suffocating, standing on a tile, so I tried removing his suit, since he was also out of oxygen from the suit. However, he was trapped in a Hydrogen/Chlorine environment. He dug the tile below him, fell down to safety, but the suit is stuck above the tile?


After saving-loading his suit disappeared .. probably got returned to some dock that I can't follow, since the atmo suit is not assigned to him anymore.

BTW assigning suits and having that assignment order disappear once the suit has been worn is kind of annoying. Also suit management - I have to find where each suit is separately and see if it's assigned to someone. It would be nice to have clothing/suit menu, similar to the jobs, where we can quickly locate a suit/sweater.







Steps to Reproduce
I guess try to dig a tile below an atmo suit ... or just save and load and problem is fixed

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