Info Cards displaying blank Status Items

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In rare cases, you can get issues that look like this:

Note that the first Info Card has a blank Status Item in it.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproducing essentially requires frame perfect pausing.  I had to use the following tiny mod to reliably locate it.

[HarmonyPatch(typeof(StatusItemGroup.Entry), nameof(StatusItemGroup.Entry.GetName))]
class TEST
    static void Postfix(string __result, StatusItem ___item)
        if (__result.IsNullOrWhiteSpace())
            Debug.Log("NO NAME");

Using this mod, load the attached save, play the game at max speed (seems to help with reproducing), scroll back and forth over the slicksters, and wait for the game to pause itself.  The issue should occur within a couple minutes.  So far I've only seen this issue with `SameSpotPoopStates+Def`, I'm unsure if it could apply elsewhere.

Test 1.sav

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